Class Policies


Class Policies:

Here is a list of class policies designed to keep our classes running smoothly and focused on making music!

  • PARTICIPATION: In this class it is very important for the adults to participate! The children learn their attitudes and motivations from you, and you can help them become enthusiastic music-makers just by enjoying the class and participating fully. You will be an excellent model regardless of your musical ability —a sense of fun is all that is required.
  • YOUR CHILD: Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through play, and even the most well-meaning adult can disrupt that process by giving too much direction. Allow your child to experience the class in his or her own unique way… whether it’s by moving constantly, sitting and staring, tasting the instruments rather than playing them, etc. We know from working with hundreds of children over the years that each child is busily processing the musical information, even if it is not apparent during class activities. Trust this process, relax, and let your child be, and you will begin to see new musical behaviors emerging as the semester progresses.
  • TIMELINESS: Class begins and ends on time, and it is important for you to be prompt. It is often difficult for a child to enter a class already in session. Please make a point to be here for the Hello Song, so your child feels properly welcomed.
  • TOYS, FOOD, & DRINK: We prefer to keep our 45 minutes together as musical as possible. We request that you leave toys at home so your child can focus on the class. Please feel comfortable to nurse or bottle feed your baby in class, but we ask that you keep food for older children outside of the classroom. Feel free to feed your child before or after class outside of the space where class will be held.  We need to be courteous to the locations where we hold classes and want their space to be free of crumbs.  In addition, due to the large number of peanut allergies in young children, please do not bring any foods containing peanuts to class. Drinks can be kept in your bag for a "quick sip" if necessary.
  • GUESTS: There is never a charge for visiting adults! Unregistered siblings or visiting children may accompany your registered child once free of charge; thereafter there is a $15 guest fee. Please contact us prior to bringing another child to class. Due to the class size restrictions, we can only allow other children if we know another registered child will be absent on that date. We have a few exceptions to the guest policy. Anytime we have classes, and siblings of registered children (that is, preschoolers through age 5) are out of school due to a holiday or a teacher workday, they are welcome to join you and your registered child in our Music Together® class.  Older siblings are welcome to come on any Fairfax County teacher work day. In the Spring semester, preschool aged siblings are welcome to come with their registered sibling once their preschool ends.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: Classes will not be held when Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) are closed. When FCPS has a delayed opening, we make every effort to hold classes at slightly later times in the day, and class times are posted on our homepage ( FCPS delays and cancellations are listed on (click Emergency Announcements). When class is cancelled, you do not need to schedule a makeup. An additional class will be added to the semester provided there are no scheduling conflicts, and the updated schedule will be listed on our website on the Class Schedule page. If classes are delayed and you are not able to make it to class, feel free to use our makeup scheduler to make up your missed class.  THE FOLLOWING IS ONLY FOR CLASSES AT VCC: The Vienna Community Center follows the closing decisions of George Mason University and/or the Town of Vienna.  Classes at VCC are cancelled if GMU cancels for the day and/or if the Town of Vienna closes for the day.  If GMU has a late opening, VCC classes will run on time.  To see a full explanation of the policy on the VCC website, click here
  • CAMERAS: You are welcome to take occasional pictures or videos of class! These pictures will be a great reminder of the memories that you are making with your child.
  • FOR MORE INFORMATION on the reasons behind our class structure, philosophy, and more, check out our FAQs page!